Monday, December 7, 2009

Southeast Alaska

Here are a few photos of Southeast Alaska; specifically, the area around Wrangell.

Photo of Wrangell, harbor and Zimovia Straits from Mount Dewey. Naturalist John Muir created quite a stir when he started a huge bonfire on during a nighttime downpour. Natives saw reflections on the clouds and didn't know what it was. European and American-European's didn't know what it was either.

Flying into Virginia Lake for Thanksgiving Day and weekend.

Virginia Lake cabin. Home for Thanksgiving weekend.

Sunset on 6 December 2009. Taken at Wrangell Harbor.

Petroglyphs at Petroglyphs Park. These are Native carvings of unknown date.

Barge arriving early one Sunday morning. Wrangell is an island, so everything comes by barge or plane.

More later.



R. Gabe Davis said...

WOW. The Virginia Lake Cabin is right out of a dream I had once. Good luck and I await more details from every outdoorsman's paradise.

Dennis A Carroll said...

The Virginia Lake cabin is great. It is only a short flight from Wrangell. I have a draft of my stay there. Probably publish in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for the comment.

Editor said...

very cool pics, good luck with your new blog